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(dicatat pada 10 Mac 2010)

Lunatots are:

- Proudly Malaysian product
- One size CD that has adjustable button that can be used by Newborn until 3 YO baby
- Waterproof Outer layer is made from PUL (Polyurethane Laminate)
- Inner layer of custom micro fleece that keeps baby dry
- Come with one super absorbent 3 layer microfiber inserts (also called soaker)
- Unique design of 4 * 3 snaps to adjust the size (S, M, L and XL)


- Fit baby weight from 3 kg to 17 kg (approximately 3 YO before potty train)
- Suitable to be used during night time (approximately 10pm - 7am) with 2 inserts. But it may varies to your baby's frequency of urination.

Lunatots Note

Prolonged contact of microfiber insert with baby's bottom may cause dryness due to super absorbency of the material Do make sure to put the microfiber Insert/Soaker inside the Pocket Pants to ensure the only thing to touch the baby’s legs is the soft micro fleece on the inside.

Luna's Note (Puan Suraya)

I had started using Lunatots Cloth Diaper because my son, Ammar Zikry had a very bad recurrent rash with disposables. We tried all range of diapers,diaper cream, prescription and over-the-counter Nothing worked and my son suffered for 11 months.

The symptoms is: It is red, slightly rough and scaly on the buttock, genitals, groin and thighs, often with smaller spots out of the main area. FINALLY I decided to put him in a Lunatots Cloth Diaper to ease his discomfort and noticed an immediate difference. I have used Lunatots Cloth Diaper exclusively for 3 weeks and amazingly enough the rash disappeared! Surely I will never go back to disposables. There are another reasons of using Lunatots Cloth Diaper. I thought that it was a responsible choice for my baby's health and the environment, and the fact that it was cost effective was a real bonus.

Lunatots Washing Guide:

- You will need to wash your new CD 3 times before use to enhance the material absorption features.
- One CD can be used for approximately 4 hours.
- Remove as much as possible the stool off the CD and rinse it prior to putting it in the washing machine.
- Do not use detergents containing pure soap, enzymes, fabric whiteners, fabric brighteners(bleach), fabric softener or anything scented.
- CD can be left dried under direct sun light or indoors. Tips:
- The amount of disposable diapers used in a day can be used to estimate on how many CD you will need a day. It is best to have at least 10 CDs perchild.
- The more you wash the microfiber insert, the better they get!
- It is recommended to use laundry bag while washing.


- Cutting Lunatots adalah lebih kecil berbanding CD lain, lebih 'slim' di bahagian cawat, jadi lebih fit baby yg bertubuh kecil/ tak brp tembam/ peha yg tak begitu besar.
- Ada sesetengah baby yg asyik bocor pakai Coolababy n bila pakai Lunatots ok pula (sbb cutting cawat dia lebih kecil, so tak ada ruang utk bocor dekat paha).
- Mmg cutting Lunatots nampak kemas. Warna dia pun cantik2.. yg printed mmg cantik!
- Ada penutup dekat bhg pocket openingnya (bukaan poket) atau dipanggil hidden pocket opening.
- Butang2nya adalah mengikut warna kain outer layer (PUL) CD tersebut.
- Inner fleecenya lain sedikit dari Coolababy (warna pun lain sket).
- PUL lunatots plain lebih lembut dari Coolababy dan nampak lebih breathable.
- Insertnya adalah berbutang (button insert), gebu n nampak bagus...
- Apa yg saya tgk, mmg ramai yg dah cuba Lunatots n ada yg suka Lunatots aje (bila dan cuba Lunatots n sesuai dgn anak mereka terus taknak cuba CD lain).


- CD Lunatots susah bocor/ jrg sgt bocor.
- PULnya lebih tebal/ tebal sedikit dari CD biasa.
- Berbaloi ngan harga (walaupun mahal, setanding dgn kualitinya)
- Nampak kemas
- Tahan lasak
- Serapan insert yg bagus

PENDAPAT IKHLAS SAYA (hehe) : Tak rugi anda give a try. Cuba satu je ke, mana tahu lagi sesuai utk anak anda. Mmg harganya mahal (mmg mahal bagi saya pun, dgn 1 insert lak tu) tapi org cakap the price tells the quality... Paling tidak anda give a try, kalau org tanya blh bg pendapat/ review anda sendiri... Juga sbg sokongan kepada CD jenama Malaysia.... :D


laukalong_759 said...

anak sy mula try pkai cd dgn brand lunatot..dlu insert xde button lg..mmg mahal tp sgt kemas brbanding cd lain yg sudah sy try,mmg puas hti..bcor pn jarang tp utk pemakaian mlm sy mesti pkai 2insert utk selamat!!..

kaklong nuzula said...

terima kasih atas komen puan. sama2 kita berCD :)

Alid Qayyum said...

as-salam.. heh.. sy pulak ade sedikit kekecewaan dgn lunatots nie.. x smpi 2 thn pkai, getah CD da longgar.. skang ni bile pkai asyik bocor kat tepi peha je.. sedih2.. x dpt nk diwariskan ke anak kedua.. sedih2..

k long, tolong la suggest CD ape yg ade leak guard yang mantap OR getah die tahan lama skit.

utk pengetahuan, sy ade around 23 CD.. previously masa ade maid mmd fully CD.. skang bile anto anak Mak jaga, so bile malam n wiken je berCD.. mmg maintain penjagaan CD yg tahap maximum.. but still getah die da totally longgar :(

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