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Coolababy are specialists in modern one size cloth diaper options, which easy to use, reliable and luxurious diaper. Coolababy were created by mothers with experience in what makes a cloth diaper work and how it should fit and perform.

Level: First-class products
Sizes: Folding (adjustable S, M, L sizes)
Suitable: 3-13kg
Package: Coolababy cloth diaper + 2 inserts


- Unique design of 3 x 3 button snap design, easy to adjust different size for any age of baby weight from 3 Kg to 13 Kg
- Easy to adjust waist and leg
- Super absorbent 3 layer inserts and inner fleece
- Soft inner fleece to make baby feel good
- Waterproof of outer PUL to prevent leakage
- Made of 100% Polyster
- This product is a washable, adjustable, economic use of the baby green diapers Diaper

One size pocket diaper (S, M, L)
Nota saya:

- Coolababy adalah China made (dari China) ~ kebanyakan CD jenama Malaysia pun sebenarnya made in China jgk...
- Kebanyakan ibu-ibu yg berCD mesti ada coolababy.
- Mula2 dulu harganya RM43-45 (huhu)... Skg dah sgt murah (sama mcm harga dekat ebay!!)...
- Drp review yg saya baca, ramai yg berpuas hati (sangat berbaloi dgn harga!!)
- Bkn org kita atau org negara China saja pakai CD ni tapi org putih pun!!
- Turut dijual di web BabyBots, UK. (review coolababy oleh Babybots)
- CD yg berkualiti dgn harga yg sgt berpatutan!!
- Dikatakan almost similar to Fuzzibunz (US brand) yg berharga RM80-86!!!! Mungkin dari segi material kain dan pocket openingnya yg sama...

Coolababy velcro

antara CD velcro yg murah di pasaran..

Anak saya memakai Coolababy velcro (setting saiz M) warna orennn... (Sila abaikan anak saya yg tak berapa putih tu)...

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